2024 Themes

In 2024, our lens turns towards the pressing issues of Immigration, Indigenous Knowledge, and Ecological Protection. The challenges of global migration, the urgent need to preserve indigenous wisdom amidst cultural shifts, and the escalating environmental crises demand our attention. As we step into this new festival year, we recognize the intricate tapestry of human movement, the richness of traditional knowledge at risk, and the critical importance of safeguarding our planet. These themes encapsulate the complex narratives of our time, calling us to explore, understand, and collectively strive for a more inclusive, culturally rich, and sustainable future.


Embark on a cinematic journey exploring the resilience and challenges woven into global migrations. Through the lens of immigration, our festival unravels stories of courage, adversity, and the shared humanity that transcends borders.


Dive into the profound heritage of indigenous communities, witnessing their timeless wisdom and the innovative solutions it offers. Our exploration of indigenous knowledge celebrates cultural diversity and advocates for its preservation in a rapidly changing world.


Journey into the heart of environmental stewardship as we spotlight narratives of those dedicated to preserving our planet. From innovative solutions to inspiring initiatives, our focus on ecological protection invites you to join the movement for a sustainable future.

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