Igniting Change Through Cinema

The NGO International Film Festival

Oct 19-21, 2022 Nairobi, Kenya

About The Festival

A unique festival that aims to collate and disseminate human-centered stories, themed along Sustainable Development Goals, catalyze a knowledge sharing culture and harness a digital media library for change makers.

Comprising a jury of 8 members, the festival aims to select and nominate films that are themed under the SDGs in seventeen (17) different categories/goals, and award the rightful copyright owners (organization).

This Year's Theme

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human rights of our generation, posing a serious risk to the fundamental rights to life, health, food and an adequate standard of living of individuals and communities across the world.


In recent decades, armed conflict has blighted the lives of millions of civilians. Violent conflicts grow out of the quest for self-determination, demands for fair access to resources and resistance to discrimination. Human rights abuses create cycles of dehumanisation based on fear.


The global COVID-19 crisis has been fuelled by deepening poverty, rising inequalities, structural and entrenched discrimination and other gaps in human rights protection. Only measures to close these gaps and advance human rights can ensure we fully recover to a world that is better and more resilient, just and sustainable.

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Selected Films

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Want to volunteer?
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