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THENGOIFF is a unique festival that celebrates the use of solution films and storytelling in the international development ecosystem. We collate, disseminate and recognise human-centered stories themed along Sustainable Development Goals.

2023 Festival Themes

This year we focus on three themes: Education, Food Security, and Equality. The rise in food cost, exponential inequality between rich and poor, as well as minority groups, and impact on education for children, especially girls, is now at its highest. We believe these three represent some of the most urgent development goals, as the world’s poorest continue to bear the burden of global challenges.

Embark on an inspiring journey to explore the profound role of films in breaking stereotypes, promoting gender equality, and fostering inclusivity.

Through the lens of filmmakers, the journey of sustenance and nourishment unfolds, revealing the realities of those grappling with hunger and scarcity.

Spotlight the films that champion education for all, unraveling the stories of resilience, determination, and empowerment that bridge the divide and transform lives.


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Festival Activities

We will screen 25 solution films, selected from the over 2,200 global submissions received this year. Carefully curated by our 12-person strong international jury and our festival team, we bring you the most impactful human-interest stories focused on education, equality, and food security.

Enjoy some of the world’s best advocacy stories, discussions, solutions and strategies that have been tried and tested by local and international activists, campaigners, academics and journalists, in live recording sessions.
As a knowledge festival, bringing renowned experts in the film industry and development sector to facilitate hands-on training is an integral of our festival. This year, we will bring successful industry professionals to host 7 workshops.
Get to know fellow participants and festival guests better in a relaxed setting during our networking side-events, hosted each evening between 6-9pm. Though optional, these informal social gatherings are designed to foster connection, conversation, and learning.
Between events, pass by our interactive video installation featuring a series of short, curated videos with strong advocacy, campaign and research elements, sourced from social moments, civil society groups across the world.
See some of the best visual interpretations of our theme of the year by local and international artists who use art for social change and call-for-action.
Witness powerful performances by local artists with strong oral prowess speaking on the importance of education, solutions to food insecurity and how best to eliminate inequality in our society.



Explore the selected In Competition solution films that are up for Jury Awards at THENGOIFF 2023.

Check out the highly creative films that explore solutions to THENGOIFF 2023’s themes.

Why Attend?

Spotlighting Change

THENGOIFF is known not just for its films, but for the dynamic and interactive conversations that surround the films. We bring together some of the most influential change-making organizations from across the globe to engage with our audience and help develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the most important issues of our time.

Building Knowledge

Attendees come for more than just films. They come to be inspired, to learn from others, to share best practices, and to understand the challenges, opportunities, and on-ground realities in other developmental sectors. To build a sustainable knowledge is to listen and learn from both local experts and leaders while respecting cultural values.

Cultivating A Community

THENGOIFF is a hub for filmmakers and development industry professionals to connect, learn, share ideas, and be inspired. We create an interactive opportunity, not just for the passive watching of films, but genuine opportunities for networking, creating connections, and building a development community that embraces storytelling as central to its purpose.


Explore THENGOIFF 2023’s panel of jurors.


See who you might find at THENGOIFF 2023 workshops, talkshops and ceremonies!


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