Solution films for global challenges

A unique festival that aims to collate and disseminate human-centered stories, themed along Sustainable Development Goals, catalyze a knowledge sharing culture and harness a digital media library for change makers.

2023 Festival Theme


Inequality is a pervasive problem in society, which gives certain people unwarranted advantages while denying others of important opportunities. This can be seen in unequal access to resources, educational opportunities, employment, and healthcare. In order to address these inequities, policymakers need to take decisive action to reduce inequality and ensure that everyone is given a fair chance to succeed.

Food Security

Food insecurity is a global issue that  can have serious long-term effects on individuals and communities. It is caused by poverty, extreme weather, natural disasters, and other factors that often lead to a lack of access to affordable and nutritious food. In order to combat this, organizations are striving to provide access to affordable and nutritious food to vulnerable populations.


Education is essential to the development of a thriving society and is the foundation for empowering individuals to reach their potential. It is key to creating a more equitable world, as it gives everyone access to knowledge, skills, and resources that are necessary for success in life. Investing in education is critical for fostering growth and development both in individuals and communities, and can help to reduce inequality and create a more prosperous future for all.

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