The NGOIFF believes that the key to solving local challenges is through learning from where that problem has been solved. This is why we want to leverage on the international development and humanitarian community as well as our global fora to develop confidence in local impact-oriented solutions to scale their interventions and amplify their impact. Therefore, as we continue to build a community of change-makers across the globe, it is important for us to engage in the education space where we showcase inspiring films to students and also get them involved in voluntarism. At the moment, we are seeking creative writing students who will be interested in writing reviews for our selected films. We are reviewing hundreds of films from 42 countries to be screened at this year’s event, and prior to the event date, we are engaging Universities from Africa, Europe, Asia and North America to exercise their writing skills. With the lead and guidance from our Communications Manager, she will play the role of an Editor. This will be an interesting exercise for them.

What this experience will earn them

– A published piece on our web page, social media platforms and newsletter with over 20,000 global reach.

– A certificate of participation from the NGOIFF and the University.

– A guided and mentored creative writing skills by renowned journalists, led by our Communications and Marketing Manager.

– A step into the possibility of a paid internship at the 2023 edition of the festival scheduled in Nairobi.