Sarika Hemi Lakhani

Managing Partner & Producer,

Born to a German mother and a Kenyan/Indian father, Sarika was raised in the South of Germany.

She began her professional career as a production assistant and coordinator for Studio Babelsberg, followed by several national and international productions.

Sarika studied Film Production from 2002-2006 at the German Film- & TV Academy (dffb) in Berlin, and completed a post-graduate program entitled “L`Atelier Masterclass”, a collaboration of the Film Academy in Ludwigburg and La Femis in Paris.

During the Production of “Germany 09”, Sarika was approached by Marie Steinmann and Tom Tykwer to support their pilot project SOUL BOY.

Today she is working as a producer for ONE FINE DAY FILMS, and is in charge of all operations.