Marianne My Hansen

Production Executive

Since 1999 Marianne My has been working in Danish TV as a production executive. She has been freelancing in the industry and worked with all the Scandinavian broadcasters as well as several of the Danish production companies. During this time she has also had particular focus on TV format handling and has worked with all the major players in Europe.

As a Production Executive she has worked with all genres within TV – documentary, factual, lifestyle, entertainment, award shows, studio, reality and sports. Marianne knows every aspect and corner of the production business and as a Production Executive is the business brains of any production and at the same time juggling with the combination of hiring talent as well as heart!

To carry out that process she draws on her experience of years as a PA and project manager from The Prime Minister’s office to be selling computers in London and oil in Norway. She’s always been close to the decision making and learned from the best.

Privately Marianne My is very focused on sustainability and is an active member and ambassador of The Animal Fond (TAF) and the fight against waste and respect and aid of animals.