Hla Hla Win

CEO & Educator,

Leveraging on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other mobile phone technologies, CEO and an educator, Ms. Hla Hla Win is on a mission to democratise access to quality education.

She received her master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and her undergraduate degree in Education from William Penn University and a leadership diploma from East West Centre at Hawaii University.

She was also selected for the prestigious Singularity University program, based in NASA research centre in Silicon Valley for the program for entrepreneurs to address big problems where they can impact a billion users.

After launching the 360ed company in Silicon Valley, she moved the headquarters to Myanmar and has built a team of 70 individuals. 360ed is providing policy advice, conducting teachers training and applying technological innovation to pedagogy in Myanmar. Their work had been recognized by UNESCO and received an award for innovation in digital technologies in February 2018 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

She is now heading the Myanmar office and working on EdTech projects dedicated to bringing scalable, immediate, and exponential impacts in transforming national education and beyond.