call for art

Call for Art Installation Project

The NGO International Film Festival has open submissions for an art installation project during the festival on October 19th - 21st, 2022. We look forward to welcoming projects at the intersection of climate change, conflict and covid, by artists keen to explore new forms of expression in visual/video storytelling installation that would not only speak about the problem but also provide a solution.

This open call offers artists the opportunity to develop an art installation that will explore human and digital interactions in a very simple contextual presentation. This opportunity also offers a space for experimentation and collaboration in creative, cross-disciplinary partnerships across storytelling, the creative arts, science, technology and social entrepreneurship. We encourage artists from different career stages and artistic backgrounds to submit their projects for this opportunity. Our aim is to seek solutions from the creative community who are willing to confront global challenges.

Each project will have one month to put it together starting from September into October, 2022. From the selection of submitted projects, only three artists will get a chance to develop their interactive and immersive projects with support from the festival and our partners.

The NGOIFF Acknowledges:

New ways of content presentation can mobilize new audiences

New collaborative approaches between creative talents across sectors

New ways of campaigning as well as raising awareness

Creating and enhancing an audiovisual work’s relevance for its audience

Innovation competences in the international development space

Home grown solutions will trigger a transformative and sustainable change

Development of actual interactive/immersive art projects

Why an Art Installation?

Artists have solved some of the complex problems in human history till date. However, the current world order and its state of affairs does not consult with the artists. It is our burning desire to create an inclusive and co-created solution to global challenges using a relatable and relevant medium of art. We welcome established as well as emerging creatives from Kenya, and in the continent of Africa.



It is highly recommended for Kenyan Artists to apply. If selected, the artist/s (not more than two) will have the chance to work with some of our partners on any of the chosen themes. The knowledge of the chosen theme must be strong. The application process is free of charge. A fixed budget will be allocated by NGOIFF to every of the selected project/artist. Local transportation and meals during the production of the art installation will also be covered by NGOIFF in Nairobi. The festival shall not provide and not be responsible for travel allowance and accommodation. If the work requires the presence of more than two team members, such participation must be communicated early, applied, and will be at individual negotiation, if granted.


The deadline for NGOIFF Art Installation 2022 is August 18, 2022.

Application Opens: July 18, 2022

Application Deadline: August 18, 2022

Notification of Selection: August, 2022