Bunhom Chhorn

Film Director & Producer

Bunhom Chhorn “Hom”, is a film Director/Producer and a survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide, who has been exploring themes of injustice and the human spirit through filmmaking for over 20 years. Hom migrated to Australia with most of his remaining family members after surviving the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and Camp 32. He has spent 20 years producing impactful content for the multimedia environment both online and offline throughout Asia and Australia. His most recent endeavour is teaching Indigenous Youth in Cambodia to produce content about their plight, for the rights of their land and the sustainability of their surrounding environment. He has traversed between not-for-profit and commercial sectors.

From college, Hom worked for SBS Television, most notably on assignment in Cambodia with Dateline. He remained in Cambodia for 8 years, where he Advised UNDP & TVK crews in the production of TV news magazines, focusing on women and microcredit schemes, birth spacing, rural development, De-mining, HIV/AIDS, and environmental issues. Hom co-produced a short Documentary “Have Gun, Have Problem”, funded by The European Union as part of their Weapon Reduction Program. Over 250,000 Cambodian villagers viewed this important documentary on the dangers of weapons.

He notably produced three Cambodian Television series, two of which ran for more than 10 years. One of these shows, “Cambodian Voices” was funded by NDI under the Madeline Albright fund USAID and AUSAID. He joined BBC Media Action (Loy9) as a Senior Producer before taking on the position of Lab Manager at Development Innovation Center. He co-produced the biographical feature documentary “In Search of Camp 32”. Hom has a Masters in Public Relations (Behavior Change Communication) and works as a freelancer.